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Our compounding specialists have been through extensive training with Professional Compounding Centers of America.  Our compounding lab includes all the equipment needed to compound quality preparations, including ointment mills, capsule machines, rapid dissolve tablet molds, homogenizer & much more. 

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Get the FAT Out Of Here!
Monday, May 9th
6:30pm at Evolve Fitness


Learn how to speed up your body’s ability to burn off the fat!

·         Fat Metabolism – a metabolic process that breaks down ingested fats into simpler compounds that can be used by the cells in our body.

·         CLA – The natural action of CLA is found in speeding up the body’s fat metabolism.

·         When combined with moderate exercise, CLA has been shown to support the body in metabolizing existing fat deposits.

Keynote Speaker: Tammy Nolan, ARNP
Choice Health & Wellness

To register, contact Ryan at 509-750-6591

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